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Summer is supposed to be full of fun and relaxation. You deserve to enjoy all the comforts your house has to offer. This can make it all the more aggravating when you’re suddenly dealing with a broken or malfunctioning HVAC system. If you’d prefer to avoid the trouble, consider the high-quality cooling technicians at Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide the finest AC repair in Elkhorn.

Every one of our fully trained, licensed and insured technicians brings a wealth of experience to the table. They’re famous in Elkhorn for their skill and unwillingness to leave a job until it’s completed correctly the first time. When you rely on us, you won’t have to end up with inferior AC service ever again.

We work to keep your AC in excellent condition with prompt emergency repairs and comprehensive inspections. Our techs can also help with maintenance and installing a variety of replacement systems. Whatever your needs may be, and whatever the issue is, it won’t be long before you’re back to enjoying the comfort of your home.

Contact us at 402-509-5940 to request your appointment today! There are many things that can happen to your air conditioner over its life span. Some of them are speedy, easy fixes. But many others influence multiple components of your HVAC system. These repairs are best handled by a professional. A great way for you to help is to learn how to recognize signs of trouble. The faster you realize something is wrong, the less likely a tiny problem will turn into a larger one.

First, use your senses to detect any bizarre stains, smells or sounds coming from the equipment. These are sometimes the first signs that your AC is having trouble.

A common malfunction involves your AC struggling to move air through your home or workplace. This is often caused by a dirty air filter. Replacing it every few months should resolve the problem. In some cases, the problem is coming from your vents or from a component like the condenser coils. It’s wise to call for professional help at this point.

Your system sometimes skips the cooling step and sends hot air into your home. Lacking refrigerant is a frequent cause but clogged filters or vents could be the source as well. Keep furniture or other large objects away from vent openings. You should also clean them of dust and debris to prevent buildup.

Sometimes the AC won’t even activate. The problem is often electrical in nature. Your thermostat could be failing or malfunctioning, so check it and the breaker box first. If you don’t pinpoint the problem, it could be best to call for a professional to avoid touching old or damaged wiring. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, so don’t hesitate to let us tackle the hard work!

Just these simple tasks can do wonders for your air conditioner’s effectiveness. Small, consistent checkups can stop costly problems from happening. You’ll avoid a great deal of anger and wasted money.

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AC Service in Elkhorn and Surrounding Areas

The AC experts at Interstate Heating & Air Conditioning are trained to find and resolve any problem with your air conditioning system. That kind of talent makes for the best AC service in Elkhorn.

When you put your trust in a trained member of our team, you’ll have the peace of mind that every part of your cooling system will be closely looked at. Repairs will be finished correctly no matter how long it takes. After all, we serve you best by making sure you don’t have to see us too frequently.

A terrific way to protect your AC is to enroll in one of our annual AC maintenance plans. We created them to make the most of routinely scheduled service calls. We’ll have the chance to replace worn parts and fasten or lubricate any that need it. Any other steps to maximize its potential will also be done. Not only will this make your AC run more efficiently, but it could even enhance its energy efficiency and overall life span. That kind of quality service provides years more of comfort and security.

It’s always a smart idea to think about AC installation in Elkhorn as well. Eventually your system will be too old or damaged to run effectively. In fact you could spend more in service calls than what a new system would cost outright. The typical life span of an AC system is 10-15 years. But this can be longer if consistent maintenance is provided. Whenever the time comes, we’re more than happy to discuss which replacement will serve you and your family best. We offer a variety of models and features suited to all types of homes or business. And they’re all backed by our fantastic support.

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